Forgotten Phase


Recalling an old story. The story itself lost it tastes in time.During the year 2005, I moved to Vancouver to attend ” Vancouver Film School”, a dream school. Vancouver is a fascinating place to live no doubt. On the contrary, very expensive for a newcomer, especially for students.
When Finding the voice contacted me for the podcast, it could have been part of the story. But, I never took it as an important subject to talk about or maybe I simply forgot about it.

Today I thought of revisiting the old memories and share with you.Those days, I usually visit Vancouver Iskcon every Sunday to reconnect with people and to have some spirituality. I really enjoyed the evening there singing ” Hare Krishna Maha Mantra” along with the devotees. Such a priceless moments.I always try to be there, helping out the devotees preparing for Prasadam ” Vegetarian feast”, such as chopping vegetables, peeling potatoes so on.
One of the Gentleman caught my attention and he asked me whether I am available for a job. He continued, that he runs a small furniture business. He gave me his card and told me to call him if I would be interested. I never work before for anyone and I have no clue how things work. I came to Vancouver to study with Student loans and not knowing how I am going to repay it back to the bank. That money was never enough to survive in Vancouver. So my retired Parents sent me some money from India from their little savings and sometimes they borrowed from friends and families. They never let me know their situations. Simply because they wanted me to focus in my school.I always felt guilty of asking money from them.

Money started to become an important factor for me. My biggest challenge is to keep the balance of work and study and respect the boundaries. My priorities in the country were to master the trait, I always wanted to pursue. But life isn’t always come easy when we need the most. Sometimes we all need to leave the safe fence behind.

So I called up this Gentleman and agreed to work in his furniture house.
I started the work during the summer vacation. I worked whole 8-10 hrs in the factory. My first job was to remove old rusted nails and old cover from the antique wooden chairs. Later it will be cover with new material. The tricky part is; I can’t ruin the wooden chairs. Instead, I ended up hurting my hands with cuts and bruises. The job was done, the way it was wanted. After 10 hrs I returned to my Apt and do dishes, cooked and packed my dinner and hit school to practice my 3D stuff. I usually log off around 2’o clock in the morning from the school and returned to my apt and slept like a log.

First few days was very hectic for me. work and school. End of the week, boss handed me a white envelope and he said that’s my salary. He paid me $10/per hr. I enjoyed counting the notes. This trend continued for a time to time. This way, I didn’t have to ask big cash from my retired parents, which I always hate to ask, no matter what. I even managed to buy my return flight ticket with the money I earned. Last day at the job was very sweet, my boss gave me bonus plus the last salary.Such story is nothing new to the westerners. This how they started their own life from the very scratches.

Now the important part is about to share. I met this guy in the factory, who is a senior employee to me. He is the one who taught me how to do the job in the right way. Very nice guy. I learned a lot from him. Another day, I was supposed to put box spring for a sofa frame. I felt little hesitate to start the job. So he showed me how to do it in a good manner and he said one line ” THINK EASY, MY FRIEND”. A lesson learned, quite a quote. We always limit ourselves. We started to think too little before we start anything. Imagine what our world would have become if we always limit ourselves


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